NBI Clearance HIT Status – Reasons of NBI Hit in Getting Clearance

NBI Clearance “HIT” Status – Ever heard of the word HIT or “been hit” when applying for NBI clearance? The answer is yes, of course, and that’s why you are here. Well, read through this article for an in-depth explanation of the reasons for NBI HIT status and what to do about it. 

What is NBI Clearance HIT Status?

Usually, when you apply for NBI clearance, the bureau verifies your credentials with a wide range of agencies across the country. Among them are the criminal records, also called derogatory records. 

If the details you provided match any name with a pending, ongoing, or in some cases, cleared criminal case, NBI specialists will hold up the clearance process for five to ten working days. During this time, the workforce extracts crucial pieces of information from different databases and scrutinizes them to clear you out of any criminal zone. 

The process in which your name “maliciously” matches a criminal name is called NBI HIT.

What if I am not a criminal?

Notwithstanding, you can get HIT even if you haven’t engaged in any criminality. How does this happen? 

The Philippines consists of over 104M citizens, some of whom you share a name with. In case your namesake allegedly committed a criminal offense, your name will automatically bring out a suspicious result that prompts a hit status. It is the role of NBI to do a background check and ascertain whether you are the alleged perpetrator of the aforesaid criminal act or not. Once your name is proven blemish, the process will go on unaltered at no extra costs.

Some of the agencies that NBI officials rummage through their databases for scrutiny include; 

  • Courts such as MCTC, MTC, RTC, and MTCC
  • Prosecution service cities
  • Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan
  • Police and AFP record

Spotless: What next after the five to ten days? 

If at all you are clean, all you need is to follow a simple 2-phased process to get your certificate.

  • Show up in the NBI offices where you previously made the application at the designated time written on your receipt.
  • Pick your certificate right away!

The process in the real sense, however, is more detailed than that. Here is a step by step guideline on how to clear your HIT status.

5 Steps to Get a Hit in NBI Clearance Application

There are seven steps when clearing the HIT status in your NBI Clearance, as discussed below.

  • Availing yourself to the NBI Clearance Branch on the date of appointment
  • Undertaking the quality control interview
  • Filling in the Affidavit of Denial
  • Printing and Releasing section
  • Taking an oath

Step 1: Avail Yourself to the NBI Clearance Branch on the Date of Appointment

The first step is to show up on the date of the appointment as marked on your receipt. Carry with you at least two valid Identification Documents. Also, wear formal attires- no slippers, shorts, or sandals. In case you have a criminal case that has already been decided, carry original and photocopied documents of the same.

Step 2: Quality Control Interview

Next, you will undergo the Quality Control Interview. The NBI Clearance Personnel will enquire about personal information such as your name, address, and whether you have any pending criminal cases.

Step 3: Affidavit of Denial

Once you’re done with the stage, you will receive an Affidavit of Denial. Fill it up as you wait for the NBI Clearance personnel to get your dully accomplished document.

Step 4: Taking an Oath

You will then proceed to take an oath in front of the Resident Lawyer. You will once more be asked about your personal information, which you need to answer truthfully. Your document will then be notarized and the person in charge will tell you of the releasing time of your NBI Clearance.

Step 5: Printing and Releasing

Proceed on to the printing and releasing area at the specified time. You will acquire your NBI Clearance from this point. If the decision hasn’t yet been made because you have an existing pending case, you will be directed to the court of origin. Here, you will acquire a Court Decision or Disposition Clearance. Without either of these two, your NBI Clearance cannot be processed.

How to prepare for The Quality Control Interview 

If the act of criminality was a piece of you, then you still do not need to fret. NBI officials do not jail people. The fact that you have a pending case to answer doesn’t mean that you will end up in jail. Instead, the agency will organize an interview to let you explain yourself. 

When going for the interview, make sure to:

  1. Maintain a more formal dressing code for ease of trust-building and to avoid extreme or mild prejudice.  
  2. Arrive at the designated place (usually written on your receipt) on time. 
  3. Present original and photocopies of all documents that detail the absolution of the court case in question. 
  4. Present the official receipt and the print-out of the clearance form obtained through online registration
  5. Carry your two national identity cards for purposes of identification. All the IDs must be government-issued. 

What if I can’t claim the NBI clearance in person?

For some reason, you may not be able to claim your clearance in person. Don’t fret, NBI allows for a verified third party to offer a helping hand. All you need is to write an authorization letter that includes: 

  • Date
  • Your name 
  • Your signature and the signature of the person authorizing you
  • Key information about you (i.e. DOB, age, gender, contact numbers, and address) 

You are free to write your authorization letter in any form. However, for cases of formality, it is prudent to type and print the letter.  


Heads up! You are finally through with your clearance process. What next? Check out our blog for other crucial information you need to know about NBI CLEARANCE HIT STATUS. Feel free to drop us a question in the comment section.