What Is The NBI Clearance?

It is the duty of every citizen in the Philippines to obey the law and accord all rules set by the government. Doing so comes with a wealth of benefits. For instance, you are deemed trustworthy and so can associate with others freely. You are also allowed to procure jobs and transact effortlessly. But how do you do that? The heft of this question lies in registering and claiming an NBI clearance form.

In layman’s language, the NBI Clearance is a clearance certificate issued by the National Bureau of Investigation as a proof of identity. The document details whether you have committed any criminal offenses or not. It primarily serves the role similar to the certificate of good conduct issued by some states to gauge various holders’ credibility.

What are the functions of the NBI Clearance? 

The NBI Clearance serves a cocktail of uses. In several cases, the form substitutes legal documents such as the National Identification Card to prove one’s identity. With the multi-purpose card, you can transact with various businesses in the Philippines, both private and governmental. A memorandum released by the NBI last year granted the NBI Clearance a number of functions. They are as outlined below:

Proof of Identity

The NBI specialists save applicant’s credentials such as fingerprints, photo, names, parental names, nativity, religion, and marital status in their databases. Most of these details feature in the resultant form that you will claim after registration. From the form, law enforcement agencies keep your information for administration purposes.

Foreigners living in the Philippines and married to Filipinos also need to apply for the clearance form to legalize their marriages. Any child above the age of sixteen sired in that marriage must also hold an NBI clearance form. This is to identify and to authenticate their existence in the country.

Lastly, when applying for NBI clearance, you may be asked under the HIT status whether you have any undecided case in a court of law. Any pending or ongoing case is detailed on the copy of the final document.

Making Changes to other legal documents

A directive issued by the Office of Civil Registrar, Philippines, grants secondary documents the power to change clerical errors in legal documents. For example, if you misspelled your first name when applying for a National Identity card, you can present the certificate of Birth that details how to write the name well and the mistake will be reviewed. NBI clearance is applicable where you need to correct such errors in a Birth, Marriage, or death certificate. It serves as a secondary document for making changes in other legal documents.

Traveling abroad

Visa and passport aside, NBI clearance is another primary document that you must check-in within the Philippines immigration office when traveling abroad. This is when you intend to travel outside the country for vacation, business, or medication. The document is also applicable when applying for residency in other countries as a Filipino.

Securing Jobs

Various job boards, employers, and agencies in the Philippines accept NBI Clearance as proof of identity and good morals. It is part of the valid Identification (ID) Documents. Since the NBI Clearance is issued if one doesn’t have any pending court cases, it gives employers confidence in their prospective employees.


In the Philippines, your life revolves around the NBI clearance form in one way or another. Another key function that we forgot to mention is that the form is a key requirement for opening financial accounts such as Coins.PHP. We have an entire article detailing everything about it.

Do you have your NBI Clearance?