NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview: How to pass

HIT status and consequential invitation for a quality control interview can have a toll on your psychological health. What kind of questions should you expect? Will your interviewer be harsh or lenient on you? Will you pass the interview? And what next shall you fail? These are some of the worrisome questions you may be pondering your head to answer. 

Well, unless you don’t want to get cleared, you cannot evade the interview. That tells you how mentally prepared you should be before hitting the road. Don’t fret; here is an informative cheat sheet on what to expect and how to pass your quality control interview.

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Know the venue and time

NBI officials hold their interviews at the NBI Clearance Main Office. Check out your invitation letter for all the information on the venue and time. You are also free to call the Quality Control Customer Care Desk whenever the details are missing. 

Knowing the venue and time beforehand eases the burden of arriving late, being confused, and landing a wrong address. And since this is not a gambling matter, your preparation starts here. Don’t assume you know everything. The venue and time can change depending on the place or country you were at the time of application.

Know the reasons for the interview

Assume you are applying for a secretarial job and you’ve been invited for an interview. Knowing the reasons why you must surface for the interviewing will give you hints on the kind of questions to expect and how to navigate curves. The same case applies for an NBI Quality Control Interview. 

That brings us to the question; why NBI quality control interview? Simply and pragmatically explained, NBI specialists will invite you for a quality control interview if: 

  • You or your namesake has a pending or ongoing criminal case to answer
  • You or your namesake is under arrest or is sought after by crime investigative agencies.

But let’s demystify some notions here. NBI personnel do not make arrests. Neither are they scary. They only give you a platform to explain yourself. Therefore, you have no reason to panic as long as you are clean or your ongoing/pending case is legitimately under the control of concerned parties such as juries.

What Requirements Are Needed During The Quality Control Interview?

The third metric to passing your interview is knowing what to carry. Of course, you wouldn’t want to excuse yourself back home to collect some of the crucial documents you need for the process. So let’s explain them one after the other.

1.     At least 2 Valid IDs

NBI officials identify all their applicants with valid identity cards (passport included) issued by the government of the Philippines. They use the IDs to gauge your credibility and authenticity. 

2.     NBI Online Clearance Receipt

This is a payment proof that details the venue and your 7-eleven payment cycle. The receipt helps NBI officials to ascertain whether you had partaken of the previous clearance procedures. 

In case the receipt is missing, purpose to reprint it before stepping out of your house. The officials won’t proceed without it. 

3.     Copy of your criminal case record

If you have a pending or ongoing case (i.e. your name is in the derogatory records), then purpose to show it. You’ll have an easy time explaining yourself to the interviewer when you have an authentic document(s) at the fingertip.

What Questions Will You Be Asked During The Interview?

NBI Quality Control Interview doesn’t last decades. Expect a five to ten minutes session with a few questions most of which require YES or NO answers. 

Some of the questions to expect include: 

  • Your current place of residence
  • How long you’ve been staying there
  • Whether you have a criminal case 
  • Whether you have been to the place where the criminality happened

Key insights

  1. Don’t panic when answering the questions. By panicking your body may begin to react physiologically hence making your interviewer think there is something you are hiding. 
  2. Maintain eye contact to boost your level of confidence, trustworthiness, and self-esteem
  3. Be precise and pragmatic. Other than the YES and NO questions, you may need to expound on some answers. Keep your explanations short, to the point, and realistic. 
  4. Present the copies of the criminal case record and let the documents speak for themselves if you are having a pending case. 
  5. As far as the interview session is concerned, you will easily find your way out by maintaining those critical insights. However, you need to know that passing your NBI quality assurance interview is more than that.

Anything else?

Yes, here are some other notable rules to keep in mind. 

Proper Dress Code

NBI Clearance office is a governmental premise. So you are not going into a hotel, bar, or any other private building. Adorn a modest cloth that portrays elements of respect to authority. Note this, the security will not allow you inside without a proper dressing code. 


Numerous people attend quality assurance interviews. To your utter dismay, you may find the waiting bench full of people like you waiting to have their interviews. Wake up early and be at the place in time.


NBI Clearance Quality Control Interview is not a life and death matter. You should enjoy the session just like any other interview. If at all you are not a criminal, then there is no reason not to attend it. With all these insights at hand, you have no reason to panic.

Happy ordeal ahead!