NBI Clearance Renewal Requirements

When it’s time for the renewal of NBI clearance, most people ponder whether or not they are to follow the same process they did as first-timers.

Since most of your details should be in the NBI database, you won’t have to do the exact thing you did to register. There are a few omissions and additions to the NBI clearance renewal requirements; this article will cover them.

Documents Required For NBI Clearance Renewal

There are two methods of renewing NBI clearance. The documents required for each NBI clearance renewal differ slightly. These methods are:

  • Regular NBI clearance renewal
  • NBI clearance quick renewal

Regular NBI Clearance Renewal Requirements

This method involves opening an NBI account, filling out your details, and requesting for NBI clearance renewal. This is the preferred option for foreigners or Filipinos living abroad.

The documents required for the regular NBI clearance renewal are:

  • Expired NBI clearance document
  • Two valid government-issued IDs
  • A copy of your passport bio page
  • 2”×2” photo recently taken.

The IDs that are accepted for NBI clearance renewal are:

  • Postal ID
  • Drivers license
  • Voter’s ID or certificate of registration
  • NSO- or PSA-authenticated birth certificate
  • Phil health ID
  • Pat – IBIG ID
  • PRC license
  • Certification from the local civil registrar
  • UMID (GSIS and SSS)
  • Police clearance issued by a police department in the applicant’s area of residence
  • School ID with current registration card
  • Senior citizen ID
  • Company ID (this applies only to government employees)
  • Solo parent ID
  • Seaman’s Book and SIRV
  • Certification from Malacanang in connection with indigenous groups, tribal memberships, and founding.

If you are renewing your NBI clearance as a foreigner, the NBI only accepts a valid Philippine passport and alien certificate of registration or ACR-1

Additionally, your documents must meet the following criteria to be accepted for NBI clearance renewal:

  • You must not submit photocopies or duplicates of the IDs. It has to be the original copy.
  • The valid IDs you turn in at the NBI must be government-issued.
  • The photos for your NBI clearance should be clear and taken on a white background with decent dressing.
  • The IDs must show your data such as your full name, birth date, etc.

NBI Clearance Quick Renewal

The great thing about the quick renewal service is that it can be done from your home. Then you can get your NBI clearance delivered to your door.

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible to use the quick renewal service:

  • Have an NBI clearance issued from October 16, 2016, to the present.
  • Have your NBI clearance ID number.
  • Your NBI ID number must be present in the NBI’s database.

If you do not meet the above, you will have to go through the NBI clearance application as a first-timer.

All you need to do for the quick renewal service is fill some applicant information pages with the following:

  • Old NBI ID number
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Birth Date
  • Delivery address
  • Phone number

That just goes to show that you need only your NBI clearance ID number and personal details for this service. As soon as you make payment, you would receive your renewed NBI clearance document within 5 – 20 days depending on your location.


The process of renewing your NBI clearance is a bit easier than applying for NBI clearance as a first-timer. In most cases, you wouldn’t need to provide your data as the NBI will already have it in their system.

Note that only NBI clearance issued from 2014 and after can be renewed. Any NBI clearance document issued earlier would entail you applying for a new clearance document.

I hope you now understand the things you require for your NBI clearance renewal. Let me know if you have any questions on this topic in the comment section.