NBI Clearance Processing Abroad

Is it possible for you to get an NBI Clearance while living abroad? The answer is yes. Situations emerge where you are out of the country but need your NBI Clearance ASAP! A lot of reasons may lead to this, but the most common one is employment- Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

Most Filipinos are still yet to master the process of applying for their NBI Clearance while abroad. The idea of getting your NBI Clearance when you’re thousands of miles away might seem impossible when it actually isn’t. We have gone out of our way to bring to you a guide on NBI Clearance Processing Abroad. 

Where do you get your NBI Clearance when Abroad?

The answer to this one is simple. The Philippine Consulate General Office or Philippine Embassy found in every country will assist in this quest. An embassy is a piece of land of the sovereign territory of a country inside another country. The Philippine Embassy facilitates easy communication between the host country and representatives of the Philippines.

The Philippine Consulate General Office, on the other hand, is a representation of the Philippine’s Administration in another country. Its purpose is to serve Filipinos working, living and traveling in the host country. Some of its functions include:

  • Reporting the number of births, marriages, divorces and deaths of their citizens in the host country.
  • Informing its citizens about the social security situation
  • Helping Filipino Citizens during times of emergencies and distress
  • Looking after Filipinos who are in detention or are arrested. It has to ensure that they receive fair trials and that the law is upheld.
  • Establishing and renewing passports and other government documents such as visas and NBI Clearances- among other functions.

Before processing your NBI Clearance, it is best to first contact the Philippine Consulate General Office and enquire whether an appointment is required. An appointment is required in some cases. Going to the premises without scheduling an appointment will end up wasting your day and being advised to go back after you secure an appointment.

What Requirements Do You Need?

The requirements for applying an NBI Clearance while abroad are slightly different from what the local NBI Clearance requires. For instance, some Philippine Consulate General Offices are old-fashioned and don’t accept NBI Clearance online applications. With this, you have to avail yourself to their offices and undertake the old and manual process where physical forms and fingerprints are submitted.

Here is a complete list of all the requirements you need for processing NBI Clearance abroad.

  1. A valid Identification Document, both original and photocopy. The best ID, since you’re an OFW will be the Philippine Passport. Have it photocopied and submit both copies.
  2. NBI Clearance Fingerprint Card Application Form. This form, also known as NBI Form No. 5, is provided to every applicant to fill out. The form requires your personal information such as full names, names of parents and date and place of birth.
  3. Two pieces of your passport photos with a white background. Write your name and signature at the back of the photos.

How much is the NBI Clearance Application Fee?

The NBI Clearance Application Fee isn’t exact. The figure varies from one country to another. The exact amount is normally disclosed in the Consular Office or Philippine Embassy where you plan to apply for your NBI Clearance.

The fees are posted in a public place where all interested parties can see.

Processing the NBI Clearance

Although you apply for your NBI Clearance while abroad, the application will be processed back home in the Philippines. You as the applicant, thus, have two options:

  1. You can send your NBI Clearance form and all other required documents to your authorized representative located in the Philippines to process the NBI Clearance. He or she will submit the documents as well as pay for the NBI Clearance on your behalf.
  2. You can request the Philippine Consular Office to undertake the process for you. The personnel in the Consular Office will guide you through the entire process (without an authorized representative). Note that you will pay for the courier fee for your NBI Clearance application form.

Using an Authorized Representative

Here are the steps to follow when you are using an authorized representative.

Step 1

Visit the Consular Office or the Philippine Embassy in your host country and acquire the NBI Clearance application form also known as NIB Form No. 5. Fill out the form. Here is how it looks like.


Ask the embassy or consulate office to affix your fingerprints. The police department of your host country may also assist in this quest.

Step 3

Attach two of your recent passport photos (2*2 photo) with a white background. The photos should have been taken within the last three months. Also, ensure that you write your name and sign them at the back.

Step 4

Provide your Philippine passport and other required valid IDs

Step 5

Send the filled form, letter of authorization and all the requirements to your authorized representative living in the Philippines. You can use any courier platform that you see fit.

Step 6

Sign in to your account or register for an NBI Clearance account. Fill out all your details. Afterwards, register and schedule for an online appointment. When choosing an NBI Clearance center, choose the United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila. This is the only branch that deals with authorized representatives. Your authorized representative has to carry their IDs when visiting the premises.

Step 7

When the application is filed, you should receive a reference number. This will serve as an NBI Code for checking your application status and retrieving your data.

Step 8

Pay for the NBI Clearance Renewal fee. You can authorize your representative to use any methods that they see fit.

Step 9

Have your authorized rep send the NBI Clearance to your current address. Note that the entire process from when the branch receives your application may take up to five days.

Without Using an Authorized Representative

Step 1

Follow steps 1 to 4 from the previous option. The requirement documents are similar for both options. In addition, also attach Php 200 in the form of a bank draft or money order. Address it to the NBI Director. Have it in this form

(Your Name)

Mailed Clearance Section

3rd Flr, NBI Clearance Building

UN Ave., Ermita, Manila

Step 2

Schedule an online appointment. Sign in to your NBI account and click ‘Apply for Clearance’, then schedule for your online appointment.

You can check out the entire process in our article ‘How to Apply NBI Clearance Online for 2020’.

Step 3

The Consular office will process the rest of the application. You will also have to pay for the courier fee. The whole process will take up to 5 days. The office will contact you when everything is ready for your pick-up.


The first option (using a representative) is faster while the second one is secure. If you don’t have any trust-worthy person to authorize the entire process, then you’ll only be left with option number two. Having the Consular Office perform the entire process for you is secure and you are assured of results. It might, however, take long and isn’t recommended if you require the NBI Clearance ASAP!

Which method do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section.