NBI clearance outside the Philippines

Not every Filipino will remain in the Philippines all through their lives. A good number relocate abroad every year.

Some companies will require NBI clearance from overseas Filipino workers(OFW).

If the Filipinos were to be in the Philippines, they could easily get the NBI clearance document from the nearest NBI office.

Well, being abroad doesn’t hinder your NBI clearance acquisition. There are straightforward ways to get NBI clearance outside the Philippines.

Requirements For NBI Clearance Outside The Philippines

There are some general documents you need to prepare when applying for NBI clearance outside the Philippines. They are:

  • Two original valid IDs
  • A copy of your passport bio page
  • 2” × 2” photo taken within three(3) months before the NBI clearance application

If you are applying as a new applicant, you would need to get an NBI No. 5 form or fingerprint form from the Philippines Consulate General in your country of residence.

As a renewal applicant, the additional document you would get is your old NBI clearance issued from 2014 upwards.

How To Get NBI Clearance Outside The Philippines

As stated earlier, the process of getting your NBI clearance abroad is fairly convenient. You have two options:

  • With an authorized representative
  • Without an authorized representative

The steps for both options are quite similar whether you are applying for a new or renewing your NBI clearance. The only difference is in the documents to submit. So, before I explain the above options let’s have a brief look at how to obtain the NBI No. 5 form.

How To Get The NBI No. 5 Form

  1. Visit the Philippine Consulate General at the Philippine Embassy in your country to obtain the form.

Alternatively, you can obtain the NBI No. 5 form from the consulate via mail. Simply send them the request with an unused self-addressed envelope and they will mail you a clean and blank form in a few days.

Remember that the NBI No. 5 form is free to acquire.

  • Fill out the form and get your fingerprints on it, preferably rolled impressions. Consult the consulate on police stations or locations that offer rolled impressions as a service.

The officer or personnel that takes your rolled impressions must append their signature at the back of the form.

  • Mail or deliver the NBI No.5 form in person to the consulate. You would be required to pay certain fees depending on the country. This payment is for the consulate to verify your NBI No. 5 form.

Usually, it can be gotten the same day if you visit the consulate. While mailed NBI forms are received within 1 – 2 days.

  • Congratulations! You have completed the first step as a new NBI clearance applicant abroad.

With An Authorized Representative

This is the method you use if you have a trusted friend or relative living in the Philippines that can process your NBI clearance on your behalf.

These are the steps to follow:

  1. Mail your documents to your representative in the Philippines

Add the No. 5 form if you are a new applicant and the old clearance document if you are a renewal applicant. However, you need to send an authorization letter for both.

Also, you can send scanned versions of the documents to your representative. Just make sure they print out the 2” × 2” picture on photo paper before submitting it.

  • Create and sign in to your NBI account

You’re going to need an account on the NBI official website before you can facilitate the NBI clearance. You can as well use your old NBI account if you have one.

After signing into your account, book an online appointment at the NBI clearance center, U.N Avenue, Ermita, Manila. It is the only NBI office that deals with overseas NBI clearance applications at the moment.

You can as well have your representative do this for you. They’ll use their phone number to receive your one-time password but every other detail will be yours.

  • Visit The NBI Clearance Center

This step doesn’t involve you but your representative. For new applications, your representative can visit the NBI center and complete the process without an online appointment.

However, a new NBI clearance document would entail booking an online appointment. Though, your representative can go at any time that is convenient for them. The online appointment is just a formality.

Your proxy can make any required payments at the counter. The payments usually range from PHP110 – PHP250. However, it could be more or less; make sure to consult with the NBI Branch beforehand.

  • Claim your NBI Clearance

The NBI will inform your representative as soon as the NBI clearance is available. This usually takes up to 5 days.

Then your proxy can mail the document to you via a courier service of your choice. Make sure to check for the NBI’s embossed dry seal at the left bottom corner as soon as you receive it.

Without An Authorized Representative

If you do not have a person you can trust with this task, you can take care of it yourself.

These are the steps to guide you on getting your NBI clearance outside the Philippines without a representative:

  1. Mail the required documents including a bank draft or money order payable to the “NBI director” worth about PHP200 (PHP130 for the NBI clearance service plus PHP70 for the courier service).

Send a self-addressed envelope with a note if you’d like to get a courier service to deliver your document yourself.

  • Book an online appointment with the NBI via your account on the NBI clearance website. Choose the NBI clearance center located at U.N Avenue, Ermita, Manila.
  • The NBI will notify you as soon as your clearance document is ready. They would proceed to send it via PHLPost if you didn’t indicate handling the delivery yourself.

Otherwise, you would need to call the courier service of your choice to pick up and deliver the document.

  • Check for the NBI’s dry seal on your NBI clearance document when it gets to you.

Note: The address to mail your documents to is as follows:

Ms. Sandra Sobida
Mailed Clearance Section3/F NBI Clearance BuildingUnited Nations Avenue, ErmitaManila, Philippines 1000


After reading this article, you should be on your way to getting your NBI clearance as an OFW. It’s a rather simple process regardless of whether you are getting a new or renewing your NBI clearance.

Feel free to leave any questions and clarification in the comment section. I’ll love to hear how your NBI clearance outside the Philippines goes.