5 Different Uses of an NBI Clearance

What is an NBI Clearance? The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is an entity of the government of the Philippines that is in charge of investigating crimes and other offenses as well as carrying out laboratory research. Similarly, the same agency also undertakes national clearing of criminal records as well as issuing clearing certificates for Citizens without criminal convictions- the NBI Clearance.

In 2019, the National Bureau of Investigation passed a memorandum that allows the NBI Clearance to be used for numerous purposes. The clearance, which has a one-year validity, allows its citizens to transact with both public agencies and private companies without the need for multiple NBI Clearances. 

What is the use of multi-purpose NBI clearance?

The new NBI Clearance is an improved one that serves a number of purposes. What are some of the ways that you can use your NBI Clearance? Let’s find out.

Proof of Identity

The NBI Clearance acts as an alternative to the Identification (ID) Card. The government recognizes the NBI Clearance as a valid ID. With this, you can use it to secure your marriage license, driver’s license, firearm license, and most if not all government transactions.


Many companies in the Philippines require you to present your NBI Clearance when applying for jobs. This is to prove that you don’t have any serious violations or crimes.

Traveling Abroad

Similar to applying for jobs, you’ll also require an NBI Clearance if you’re planning to get out of the country and travel abroad. This is for immigration purposes. The NBI Clearance will help you secure a Visa to travel to countries such as the USA, China, and Australia.

The NBI Clearance also becomes important if you are planning to apply for residency in these countries.

Making changes in Legal Documents

If your legal document such as marriage or birth certificate has any errors, you can use your NBI Clearance as a proof of identity to help you make changes to the documents.

Verifying Your Coins.ph.account

If you’re looking to have a higher cash-in limit in your Coins.ph.account, then you need to verify it. To verify it, you require an NBI Clearance. Failing to verify your account will also restrict you from withdrawing your cash.

Note that the NBI Clearance isn’t the only required ID. You can use other IDs as well. The NBI Clearance is, however, a preference for many as you can easily apply for it online.


From the look of things, an NBI Clearance is pretty much an important document in the Philippines. Failure to own it restricts you from a lot of things. The good news is that applying for it is very simple and won’t consume much of your time. However, it is important to remember that it lasts for one year only, and requires annual renewal.

Have you renewed your NBI Clearance?