NBI Fingerprinting Service for New Applications

If you are applying for NBI clearance for the first time, you would need to fill out NBI No. 5 form. This form is also called the fingerprint form; probably because your fingerprint is a crucial factor in filing it out.

You would need to get your fingerprints properly appended to process your NBI clearance. This is where the NBI fingerprinting services for new applicants come in.

Where To Get NBI Fingerprinting Service

More often than not, you would be asked to get rolled impressions of your fingerprint appended on the NBI form. Not many places offer this NBI fingerprinting service to the public.

The places that are most likely to render the fingerprinting service is:

  • Philippine Embassy
  • Police Stations or Departments

Philippine Embassy

This works as a great option especially if you are living outside the Philippines. They offer this service because they provide the NBI No. 5 forms for NBI clearance applications.

It is the Philippine Consulate General section of the embassy that does rolled impressions of fingerprints for NBI Clearance. This is mainly because you acquire the NBI forms from them.

Police Stations Or Departments

It’s no surprise that you can get your rolled impressions at a police office. However, a lot of departments and stations do not provide this service to the public.

You should consult with the Philippine Consulate General in your country concerning which police stations offer NBI fingerprinting services.

How To Get Fingerprinting Services At The Philippine Consulate General

I’ll be explaining how to go about getting this service at the consulate since it’s a convenient choice. Convenient because you can get your rolled impressions at the same place you got the NBI No. 5 form.

Follow these steps to utilize the consulate’s fingerprinting service:

  1. Book an appointment at the Philippine Consulate General in your country. You can secure an appointment online, just search for the Philippine Embassy website for your country.
  • Prepare the following documents before you visit the consulate:
  • Two pieces of 2” × 2” photos taken on a white background. Make sure it is a recent picture taken in the latest three months.
  • Print-out of your email confirmation for the appointment at the embassy.
  • Go to the consulate during their working hours to get your NBI No. 5 form or have it mailed to you.
  • Fill out the form and make a physical appearance at the consulate. This is essential as you likely can’t get the rolled impressions of your fingerprint in the comfort of your home.
  • Proceed to the consulate’s counter for processing then the cashier for payment. The fingerprinting service fee varies depending on your country of residence.
  • Consulate staff will inscribe the rolled impressions of your fingerprint at the appropriate spaces provided in the form.
  • Append your signature and write your name on the back of your 2” × 2” photo then attach it to the NBI form.

You can then proceed to submit the document for your NBI clearance.

If you cannot wait to get your rolled impressions at the consulate as a result of tight bookings, you can check with them which police department offers the service. Just remember to have the person who appends your fingerprint sign the back of the form.


If you are a new applicant for NBI clearance, the fingerprint aspect of the NBI No. 5 form shouldn’t bother you. It’s not much of a hassle to get it done right at rather convenient places.

Feel free to drop any questions you have regarding NBI fingerprinting services in the comment section. I’d be happy to render as much help and information as I can.