How To Renew NBI Clearance In Dubai

If you’re an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) or permanent resident in Dubai. For some time, you may not require your NBI clearance so it is easy to leave it to exceed its one-year validity.

However, if you want to migrate to another country or perhaps a company you applied to needs your NBI clearance, you would have to get your NBI clearance renewed.

This article will guide you on how to renew NBI clearance in Dubai.

Cases That Call For Renew NBI Clearance In Dubai

There are two occasions in which you are legible to apply for NBI clearance renewal in Dubai.

  1. If you have an NBI clearance document issued from 2014 upwards that is expired.
  2. If there is an incomplete, canceled, or pending NBI clearance document applied for from 2014 to the present.

If you do not fit into the above categories you can not renew your NBI clearance document. Rather you are required to go through the process of getting it for the first time. Contact the Philippine Consulate General office located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for more information on that.

General Requirements To Renew Your NBI Clearance In Dubai

These are the documents you need to successfully carry out the NBI renewal process in Dubai.

  • Previous NBI clearance document issued in or after 2014.
  • 2” × 2” Photo taken in white background.
  • Passport data page

Previous NBI Clearance Document

To renew your NBI clearance document, you need a copy of the expired document to hand over to the NBI. This allows them to access your data for an efficient renewal process.

If you have lost or no longer have access to the expired document then you should apply for an NBI clearance as a first-timer.

2” × 2” Photo Taken In A White Background

This essential document requires that you provide the NBI with a 2” × 2” photo that is clear, in photo paper, and was taken recently – that is the last three(3) months.

Passport Data Page

The NBI requires you to provide a copy of your passport for the NBI clearance renewal service. You are only required to provide the data page as that is what is relevant to the NBI.

Note that you are permitted to send scanned documents to the NBI in some cases from Dubai.

Methods For Renewing NBI Clearance In Dubai

The process to renew your NBI clearance in Dubai is similar to the procedures in any country outside the Philippines.

There are two methods to do this from the comfort of your home in the UAE. This article is going to explain them to you for an easy process when you carry it out.

The ways to renew your NBI clearance in Dubai are:

  • With an authorized representative
  • Without an authorized representative

With An Authorized Representative

As the name implies, this method demands that you authorize a person living in the Philippines to carry out the NBI clearance renewal process on your behalf.

Your representative can be a friend or family member, just make sure that they are trusted.

The steps for this method are:

  • Mail your required documents plus an authorization letter to your representative via airmail.

Alternatively, you can send the scanned version of these documents to your representative by email.

  • Your representative will take the documents for submission at the NBI, U.N avenue. They are also to make the necessary payments there.
  • The NBI will contact your representative as soon as the document is ready. This usually takes 1 – 5 working days to be processed.
  • Your representative will then mail the document to you in Dubai via a courier service of your choice.
  • Ascertain the authenticity of the document before you affix your fingerprint on it. There should be a dry seal mark of the NBI at the left bottom corner of the document.

Note: If you send your 2” × 2” photo via email as a scanned version, your representative should take it to a photo studio or any place that offers rush I.D and get it printed on photo paper.

Without An Authorized Representative

You also have the option of carrying out the process in the absence of a trusted representative. It is a quite straightforward method as well.

The steps are:

  • Arrange all your required documents and attach a bank draft of a stipulated amount payable to the NBI for the NBI clearance renewal services and the shipping fee for PHLPost.
  • Mail the precise documents to this NBI address in the Philippines:

Ms. Sandra Sobida
Mailed Clearance Section
3/F NBI Clearance Building
United Nations Avenue, Ermita
Manila, Philippines 1000

  • The NBI will process your application and have your NBI clearance document ready in 5 days or less.
  • Once you receive your document,  either by PHLPost which is the default courier for the NBI or by a courier service you contacted, you should as well check for the NBI’s dry seal mark before you append your fingerprint.

Tips For A Seamless NBI Clearance Renewal In Dubai

  • If you are using the authorized representative method, then ensure to let your representative know that they must dress properly to the NBI’s office or they will not be attended to.

They must wear covered shoes and not dress in revealing clothes to the NBI office.

  • Log in to your NBI account at the NBI official website to monitor the status of your renewal application from Dubai.


From this article, you can see that getting your NBI clearance renewed is possible even in Dubai. You just need to follow any of the methods listed above and you’ll get a valid clearance document for use in no time.

Have you tried to renew your NBI document from Dubai? I would love ti hear how it went, let me know in the comment section.