It is possible to be unavailable to claim your NBI clearance. Perhaps, you have somewhere important to be, you received a “hit” or you are living outside the Philippines.

These situations call for a person to receive your NBI clearance on your behalf. For the NBI to release the document to the bearer, they need confirmation. This article will guide you in creating an authorization letter to claim your NBI clearance.

Guidelines For Creating An NBI Clearance Authorization Letter

The authorization letter to claim your NBI clearance is rather informal. There is no standard format to follow when creating an authorization letter. It just has to be well written with some vital aspects.

Generally, these are the components that should be present in your authorization letter.

  • First party full name: This includes your first name, middle and last name respectively.
  • First party address: This is your place of residence since you are the owner of the NBI clearance document to claim.
  • Date: For this, put the date that you issued the authorization letter.
  • Recipient or second party address: The second party or recipient is the NBI in this case. Include the address of the branch that your representative would visit.
  • Salutation: This is the initial greeting at the beginning of your authorization letter. You could use “Dear Mr./Mrs.” or the more generic version of “To whom it may concern,”.
  • Body: This is the main part of the letter. You have to include some key information. Such as your name, your reason of absence, the bearer’s name, etc.
  • Signature: End the letter with “sincerely” and include your signature before your name.

The NBI accepts handwritten authorization letters. However, I suggest you type your letter on plain paper for easy readability.

Things To Attach To Your Authorization Letter

There are a few other documents required with the authorization letter. These are:

  • Two original valid IDs – photocopies will not be accepted.
  • The official receipt or bank draft of NBI clearance payment.
  • A copy of your NBI reference number.
  • 2” × 2” photographs taken on white background(if applicable).

You need to attach all the requirements for the NBI service you applied for. Whether it is for a new NBI clearance, renewal of NBI clearance, or after taking a “hit”.

Sample Of Authorization Letter To Claim Your NBI Clearance

This is an easy-to-follow template I created and the names used herein are completely fictional. Any relation to a real person or situation is purely coincidental.

Frederick Cruz

9 St Rita Avenue,


New York.

23 June 2022.

NBI Main Headquarters,

U.N Avenue,



To whom it may concern,

I, Frederick Cruz, do hereby authorize my sister, Mrs. Brianna Cruz, to claim my NBI clearance which you issued on the 20th of June 2022. I am currently unable to pick up my NBI clearance as I live outside the Philippines.

 I have attached my Philippine passport and Phil health ID as well as an official receipt of my NBI clearance payment. The valid ID of the bearer of this letter is also enclosed.

For any questions or concerns about this transaction, please reach me at +1-617-555-0178.

Thank you.


Frederick Cruz

You may change the names, and a few other things to make use of this authorization letter template.

Guidelines For Representative

As a representative, here are a few tips to make your visit to the NBI office seamless.

  • Dress properly to the NBI office – do not wear shorts, slippers, or anything that is not corporate.
  • Take an original copy of your valid ID along with the first party ID.
  • Submit the authorization letter at the counter as soon as you enter the NBI office.


The option of using a representative makes the NBI online clearance service convenient. With an authorization letter, you are sure that your NBI clearance is secure.

I hope you understand everything concerning authorization letters after reading this guide. Let me know your thoughts about this in the comment section below.