How Much Is An NBI Clearance?

‘How much will I pay for my NBI Clearance?’ This is a question that many people have asked us too many times. When applying or renewing your NBI Clearance, there is a small fee that you will pay for the process. The fee chargeable can be paid through seven different methods:

  • Bayad Center
  • 7-Eleven
  • Bank over the Counter
  • Online Bank
  • Payment Center Outlets
  • Pay Center Mobile App
  • ECPay

Without paying this fee, you will not be able to schedule your online appointment, which means that you will not receive your NBI Clearance. But how much will the NBI Clearance cost? This is what worried lots of people as they begin their NBI Clearance application process.

Previously, before 2018, different prices were charged for acquiring an NBI Clearance for different purposes. The cost of acquiring an NBI Clearance if you wanted to travel abroad was different from that of changing your last name for married women. The same also applied to seeking employment as well as changing details in your valid Identification (ID) Documents.

On 7th September 2017, a memorandum was passed to eliminate this system.  The NBI Director mentioned that the NBI Agency had changed its pricing format to ‘Issued for whatever legal purpose’ policy. This meant that for whatever reason you were getting an NBI Clearance, the pricing would remain constant. This is because the NBI Clearance was now going to be a multi-purpose document.

The policy aimed at reducing the confusion that was created during the payment stage. Many Filipinos had raised the issue that it wasn’t fair for the prices to differ- an argument that was valid. The law was later passed and took effect on 12th March 2018.

So, How Much Will You Pay for Your NBI Clearance?

The new law stipulated that the new charges for all NBI Clearances will be P170. This is a rise from the previous P115. The additional P55 would cater for additional expenses. The rise in pricing was also due to a rise in the Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) after the implementation of the TRAIN Law.

The new pricing for the NBI Clearance (P170) will cater for the clearance expenses, service fees, and charges for the Payment Center Service.

After clearing the payment using any method of your choice, you can now proceed on with your NBI Clearance process. Schedule for an online appointment then visit any NBI branch near you!


The new law to amend and equalize all payments for NBI Clearance is a good one. There is less confusion on the amount to pay. Moreover, the process is now more transparent as each person knows the amount to pay. The P170 to pay is relatively affordable and many Filipinos will not have a difficult time raising the amount. Pay for your NBI Clearance and schedule your online appointment.