How Much Is An Nbi Clearance Multi-Purpose Fee?

As you may know, the NBI clearance for a long time functions as a multipurpose document. So getting one, whether new or a renewal, entails a fixed amount of money.

Before, the fee depended on the purpose of the NBI clearance. Since the implementation of the “issued for whatever legal purposes” policy began on March 12, 2018, the price no longer varies.

That brings us to the question, how much is an NBI clearance multi-purpose fee?

What Is An NBI Clearance Multi-Purpose Fee?

Simply put, it is the payment you make to acquire NBI clearance. It’s called the NBI clearance multipurpose fee because it is a relatively constant payment for the “multi-purpose” NBI clearance.

Immediately after the policy’s implementation, the multi-purpose fee  pegged at PHP115. However, due to an increase in documentary stamp task(DST) and other factors, it pegged at PHP170 (PHP130 for clearance fee + PHP 15 for DST + PHP25 for NBI clearance online system fee).

There may also be additional fees depending on your selected method of payment.

Mediums To Pay An NBI Clearance Multi Purpose Fee

There are several ways to pay the NBI clearance multi-purpose fee. You just have to select the one that is most convenient for you.

Some of these mediums require you to visit banks or stores while others are done from the comfort of your home.

To use these channels, you should follow the prompts on registering for NBI clearance on the NBI website and choose the one that works best for you.

Copy or screenshot the reference number shown to you after picking a payment option and use it to make payment through any of the following methods:

Bayad Center Outlets or Mobile

For this payment method, input the reference number on the mobile app to make the payment. If you decide to use bayad outlets, you can make payment in any of their partner branches near you.


This is another e-payment option that is convenient to use. You may visit any of the 7-eleven partners and provide them with your reference number to make payment.


You also have the option of using an Electronic Commerce Payment Inc. for NBI clearance. Just like the above options, ECPay offers payments at the locations of their partners.


To utilize this payment option, you need to have a Globe GCash account and make payments from there. It’s an online payment service that works for NBI clearance payments.

Bank Over-The-Counter

You can as well make payments through banks even without owning an account there. This service is available in a few bank branches, so make sure to confirm if the bank you’re going for offers it before you proceed to pay for your NBI clearance.

Visa / MasterCard

In recent times, you can now pay for your NBI clearance with a debit or credit card. Simply input your card number, expiry date, and CVV to enable your NBI clearance payment.

Online Banking

Just as some banks offer bank over-the-counter payments, and a few offer online banking services as well. All you need to do is sign up to functioning online banking partners with your mobile number or email and address. Viola! You can easily pay for your NBI clearance.

Some of the above payment options require additional charges while others do not. If you don’t accept the charges on one option, you can always select another.


The fee for multi-purpose NBI clearance is quite affordable and you won’t have to make another payment until the expiry of your NBI clearance. On top of this, there are convenient ways to carry out NBI clearance payment transactions.

Which of the payment methods is your most used and why? I’d love to know, so, do leave your answers in the comment section.