Valid IDs Accepted In Applying In NBI Clearance

A crucial part of the NBI clearance process whether it is for first-timers or renewal is the valid ID.

If there is even the slightest issue with your Identification document you would be prevented from entering the NBI branch. So, there is no chance you would get your NBI clearance document.

To avert that, this article will guide you on everything you need to know about valid IDs accepted in applying in NBI clearance.

Requirements For Valid IDs in Applying For NBI Clearance

The problem not only lies with possessing invalid IDs, there are some requirements to be met as regards these IDs. Failure to meet these requirements can lead to penalization and as stated earlier, you will not be attended to, let alone get your NBI clearance document.

The things to comply with are:

  • Your Identification document must not be expired. If it wasn’t during your application but expired by your appointment at the NBI, the ID will still be invalid.
  • The document must be a government-issued ID.
  • You must present the original ID, photocopies are prohibited.  
  • It must feature a clear and recent picture of you. Never submit an ID with blurry imaging.
  • Your identification document must bear your full name.
  • The ID must be in very good condition with legible texts.

Acceptable IDs For NBI Clearance

There’s no point complying with a majority of the above steps if you are just going to provide an unrecognized ID.

In order not to let your efforts amount to waste, you should get any of these valid identification documents:

  • Passport
  • Phil health ID
  • UMID (GSIS and SSS)
  • Voter’s ID or certificate of registration
  • PRC license
  • Postal ID
  • Pat – IBIG ID (not your loyalty card)
  • NSO- or PSA-authenticated birth certificate
  • Senior citizen ID
  • Driver’s license
  • Police clearance issued by the police station in the applicant’s place of residence which has jurisdiction over the area.
  • Solo parent ID
  • Certification from the local civil registrar
  • Company ID (government employees only)
  • School ID alongside current registration card
  • Seaman’s Book and SIRV
  • Certification from Malacanang in connection with tribal membership, indigenous groups, and founding.

Let us take a look at some of these identification documents in the Philippines.

  • Passport

The passport is an internationally recognized document. It contains valuable data on an individual and is mainly used for travel-related matters.

This document is accepted for NBI clearance. The Philippine passport can be gotten at the ministry of foreign affairs.

  • Phil health ID

There are two types of the Phil health ID, namely:

  • Phil health regular ID
  • Phil health insurance ID

Both IDs are typically issued to Phil health members to show that they are mandated to receive health insurance benefits issued by the government. It is the Phil health insurance ID that is accepted for NBI clearance.

  • UMID (GSIS and SSS)

UMID means unified multi–purpose ID. It encompasses the membership of various government agencies of which the ones accepted for NBI clearance are the SSS and GSIS.

SSS stands for social security system while GSIS means Government Service Insurance System.

  • Voter’s ID or certificate of registration

This ID is available for every Filipino citizen 18 years or older. It is the document that allows the individual to vote. If the card is not yet ready you can provide the NBI with a certificate of registration.

  • PRC license

The license can only be attained after taking the necessary licensing exams. Upon passing them, you can go on to get a PRC license from the Professional Regulation Commission. The NBI accepts this document when applying For NBI clearance.

  • Postal ID

This identification document is easily accessible by a majority of people. The ID allows for use of postal services in and out of the Philippines. Additionally, the NBI recognizes it as a means of identification.

Note that anybody can get a postal ID issued by PHLPost regardless of whether you want to travel or ship goods.


This is the Taxpayer Identification ID issued to Filipino citizens by the BIR. The NBI accepts this identification document. You don’t even have to worry about an expiration date as the TIN ID does not expire.

  • Pat-IBIG ID

This ID is issued to citizens for the Philippine government’s fund for savings and housing. It allows Filipino citizens affordable housing and savings to secure their future.

Pat – IBIG means Pagtutulungan sa Kinabukasan: Ikaw, Bangko, Industriya at Gobyerno but it is officially called the Home Development Mutual Fund(HDMF). This ID allows you to apply for NBI clearance.

  • NSO- or PSA-authenticated Birth Certificate

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the vital record that indicates the birth of a person is the birth certificate(1)

As long as the birth certificate is authenticated by the PSA or NSO, it can be used in applying for NBI clearance.

  • Senior Citizen ID

The senior citizen ID is the identification document given to Philippine citizens 60 years or older.

The NBI accepts this ID and will attend to people with the ID as soon as they walk into the NBI office. Regardless of whether they booked an appointment or not.

  • Driver’s License

This license is issued to Philippine citizens to indicate that they have the proper authority to drive a car. The NBI recognizes this government-issued identification document.

  • Police Clearance

This is an essential document for many government agencies. It is issued by the National Police Clearance System (NPCS). Similar to the NBI clearance document, the police clearance indicates a clean criminal record.


If you are going to get your NBI clearance, the above are the documents that allow for a seamless process. Ensure to provide 2 of those valid IDs to avert any crisis.

Hopefully, this article has cleared your questions on what ID is valid in applying for NBI clearance. Are there any IDs I missed? Perhaps, you have a question. Let me know in the comment section.


  1. Birth certificate. Philippine Statistics Authority