NBI Clearance Requirements

For you to be served at the NBI Clearance branches, you must present two valid identification documents. What are these documents? Most people still don’t know the valid identification documents required for getting their NBI Clearance. At the end of the day, they end up being turned down or restricted from entering the premises of the NBI Clearance branches.

The Philippines has Valid IDs that are accepted in transactions that validate the person’s identity. An example is when you’re about to board a plane or open a bank account. The institutions will ask for your current ID. The same also applies when obtaining an NBI Clearance.

When visiting any NBI Clearance Branch, you need a Valid Identification document to enter the premise, leave alone getting your NBI clearance. Failure to own the identification documents will result in the clearance personnel denying you your NBI Clearance regardless of how important it is.

NBI Requirements: List of Valid Identification Documents

With that said, here is a list of the valid identification documents accepted at any NBI Clearance Branch. Note that your Identification Document should strictly be original and not photocopied. This is a common mistake that many people make.

When visiting any NBI Clearance Branch, carry at least two of the listed Identification Documents as per the government’s compliance. All these Valid ID Documents must:

  1. Bear the name of the applicant.
  2. Have a recognizable photo that matches that of the applicant.
  3. Be in good condition. The photo should be clear, and the texts legible.
  4. Be original. Photocopies are not accepted.
  5. Be current and valid. Expired documents are not accepted.
  6. Be issued by a government organization or current Education Institution.

The Valid Identification Documents include:

  • Philippine Passport
  • Voter’s ID
  • GSIS ID (ID)
  • Expired NBI Clearance
  • TIN ID
  • Driver’s License
  • PhilHealth ID
  • PRC License
  • Postal ID
  • NSO/PSA Authenticated Birth Certificate
  • Certification from Local Civil Registrar
  • Solo Parent ID
  • Police Clearance Issued by a Police Station within the jurisdiction of the residence of the applicant.
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Seaman’s Book

Philippine Passport

The Philippine Passport is issued by the government through the Department of Foreign Affairs. The passport is used to certify the identity of the owner and allow them to travel to and from foreign countries.

A passport is a small booklet that contains the personal information of the owner, such as name, signature, date of birth, place of birth, and photo. It is normally used when you’re traveling abroad for work or leisure.


The GSIS ID is given to all employees who are currently employed by the government. This card, similar to the SSS ID, proves ownership to the GSIS Agency. However, its ownership is exclusive and limits many people from owning it.

Voter’s ID

All citizens above 18 years are eligible to acquire their voter’s ID. The Commission of Elections is responsible for issuing this ID. After registering for the ID, you can use it to acquire your NBI Clearance.


This is a laminated plastic card issued by SSS and which proves that the applicant is a member of the Social Service System. You can secure your SSS ID from any near SSS branch near you.


The Tax Identification Number ID is a document issued to all taxpayers by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. All employed citizens have come across this document in one way or another. The document is also valid and acceptable when applying for your NBI Clearance.

Driver’s License

Driver’s License is only issued to people who are authorized by the Land Transportation Office to handle a vehicle. Owning the License is, thus, a privilege and not a right. Before being issued with the License, you have to pass both practical and written LTO Examinations.

PhilHealth ID

The Philippine Health insurance cooperation is a government corporation that covers the health of Filipino citizens. The ID is free to all qualifying members and is acceptable for applying the NBI Clearance.

PRC License

The PRC is issued to any graduate or degree holder from any University and who is between 18 to 21 years. The License is used by the holders on their chosen fields of industry.


The PAG-IBIG ID, also known as the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), is responsible for administering the National Savings Program. Its purpose is to provide affordable housing and shelter to all its members.

PAG-IBIG issues identification cards which are acceptable for applying for NBI Clearance.

Postal ID card

The Postal ID is popular among Filipinos and is widely used in postal transactions. The ID is also normally used as proof of identity when transacting between financial institutions. The good thing with the Postal ID is that anyone can apply for it.

NSO/PSA Authenticated Birth Certificate

This certificate is used to establish the birth of a child. It gives the time, place, and date of the child’s birth. On top of that, the certificate also features the complete names of the child and parents.

There is normally a contradiction whether the Birth Certificate is accepted for NBI Clearance. The truth is this: as long as the certificate is authenticated by NSO or PSA and also complemented by another government-issued ID, you should not encounter any problem when applying for your NBI Clearance.

Certification from Local Civil Registrar

This certificate is a temporary substitute for those who haven’t acquired their birth certificates yet. The document can also be presented when applying for your NBI Clearance.

Solo Parent ID

The Solo Parent ID is issued to all single parents living in the Philippines. Those with this ID enjoy advantages such as specific benefits and discounts issued by the government. The ID is eligible for applying for the NBI Clearance.

Police Clearance

You can apply for the Police Clearance from any police station in your jurisdiction. This means that you can only apply for the Police Clearance in your current residence.  You will have to prove that you are a resident of the area before being handed the clearance.

Senior Citizen ID

The senior citizens of the Philippines enjoy some benefits when it comes to applying for their NBI Clearance. For instance, they are not required to schedule an appointment and can ‘walk-in’ any time and be served.

The ID is obtained in the Municipal Office of the Senior Citizen Affair Office. The minimum age to obtain the Senior Citizen ID is 60 years.

Seaman’s Book

The Seaman’s Book is a valid ID issued exclusively to seafarers. The ID certifies that the ID holder is a seaman approved by STCW.

Security License ID

Security guards who are entrusted to protect a person’s establishment against unlawful acts or physical damages have their own exclusive IDs. This ID is acceptable when obtaining your NBI Clearance. The ID is issued by the Security Licensing Division.


The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) issues the MARINA IDs to all the Marine Officers as proof of identification. The IDs are eligible for financial transactions as well as NBI Clearance.

Where can you obtain these valid identification documents? You might be wondering. Here is a list of places to obtain some of the valid IDs mentioned above:

  • Senior Citizen ID- Municipal’s office dealing with senior citizen affair
  • Voter’s ID- Obtained from the Office of Commission of Election
  • Valid Passport- Issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Alien Certificate of Registration- Bureau of Immigration for Foreign Applicants
  • TIN ID- Valid Bureau of Internal Revenue
  • School ID- The current school that you’re studying in
  • Postal ID- Local Post Office
  • Philhealth ID- Issued by Philhealth
  • GSIS UMID- Issued to you by a valid Government Service Insurance System for Government Employees
  • SSS ID- A valise Social Security System
  • Driver’s License- Issued through the Land Transportation Office
  • PRC License- Given by Professional Regulatory Commission after the successful completion of the board examinations


Now you know all the valid IDs required when obtaining an NBI Clearance. Ensure you carry your valid IDs. Don’t forget that you need to carry the original IDs and not photocopies. Also, ensure that they are not expired. By having all this information at your fingertip, the process of applying for your NBI Clearance becomes an easy one. It makes the whole application process easy and convenient.

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