The NBI clearance process has gotten a lot easier since the introduction of the NBI online website. This was and is especially true during the covid-19 pandemic.

The NBI website has uses other than signing up for a new NBI clearance document or renewing an expired one.

For even more convenience in the clearance processes, they provide some NBI clearance e-services for 2022. These are:

  • NBI clearance online verification
  • First-time job seekers

What Is NBI Clearance Online Verification?

This is an e-service that allows you to check the validity and authenticity of an NBI clearance document. Simply put, it shows whether an NBI clearance document is fake or unregistered.

You must utilize this e-service especially if you are an employer. The rate of forged NBI clearance documents is on a rampant increase. To avoid employing a criminal, you need to verify the NBI clearance they submit.

Alternatively, you may use this e-service to confirm whether the NBI clearance document you received after the application is valid.

How To Use NBI Online Clearance Verification

For easy understanding, I have divided the process into steps. Carefully go through them before you consider using this e-service.

  1. Visit the NBI official website at clearance.nbi.gov.ph on your mobile device or laptop.
  • If using a:
  • Mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the page and you would find a button named “NBI clearance online verification”.
  • Laptop, the NBI clearance online verification bottom is located at the left bottom corner of the screen.

Click on this button.

  • Fill in the NBI ID number into the pop-up box that has a field for it.
  • Click verify to confirm its validity. You may also use the scan/QR code button but it doesn’t work very well.
  • If the NBI clearance document is valid, it returns a positive result. If it is not, a box will appear stating, “The system cannot find the given NBI ID number.”

That is all it takes to verify the authenticity of an NBI clearance document. You don’t have to log in to your NBI online account to make use of this e-service.

What Is The First-Time Job Seekers e-service?

As the name implies, it is available for people seeking jobs for the first time. It is used to obtain an NBI clearance document and is free of charge.

The REPUBLIC ACT No. 11261 for first-time job seekers allows anybody who fits this criterion to avail of any fees for proof of identification, clearances, license or other documents required in the course of employment at home and abroad.(1)

You can use this for NBI clearance just once because you are a first-time job seeker only once in your life. This e-service is common among fresh college graduates.

Getting an NBI clearance document to meet that job requirement is a rather seamless process and It helps a lot that it is free.

How To Use First-Time Job Seekers’ E-Service

The process of applying for this e-service is quite similar to the regular application for NBI clearance.

Again, I have curated a list of steps for better understanding. The steps for using the first-time job seekers e-service are:

  1. Visit the NBI clearance online website.
  • Refer to step (2) in the previous section but this time click the “first-time job seekers” button.
  • Fill in the required information and solve the captcha. After which you will receive a one-time password to the phone number and email address you provided. Fill this into the pop-up box and your account will be successfully created.
  • Log in to your newly created account and edit your personal information. Be patient while doing this so as not to make mistakes.

The NBI stores your information in a special database so do not try to take advantage of the first-time job seeker benefits.

If you are found guilty of fabrication or falsification, you shall be liable under the revised penal code per the first-time job seeker act.

  • Click the “apply for clearance” button after you have saved your personal information.
  • A pop-up will appear asking for your preferred ID to present and, the NBI branch. Choose the branch most convenient for you and click “save for reference number”.

After a few minutes, a pop-up with your reference number will appear. It will also remind you to go to the NBI branch with your valid ID and proof of eligibility(barangay certificate).

  • Print out your first-time job seeker application form. This step is optional but if you want something to show the NBI staff, you should go for it.

To print your application form, click my application> transaction> print application form.

To complete the process, you would visit the NBI branch you chose on the appointed date. Personal appearance is compulsory in this case, you can not send a representative.

Make sure you get to the NBI office early to avoid long queues and take two valid IDs with you.


The NBI clearance e-services are convenient and easy to follow. They are also significant in the employment sector regardless of whether you are an employee or an employer.

Are you now confident in using the NBI e-services? Let me know in the comment section. Also leave questions there, if any.


  1. REPUBLIC ACT No. 11261, (2018, Jul 23). Congress of the Philippines https://lawphil.net/statutes/repacts/ra2019/ra_11261_2019.html