How To Apply For An NBI Clearance Quick Renewal

NBI clearance is an important document to possess in the Philippines. However, it has a short-term validity of one year.

So what do you do when your NBI clearance has or is about to expire?

Well, you get it renewed.

You may not be available to make a physical appearance though. That is where this article comes in. Read on to learn how to apply for an NBI clearance quick renewal.

Eligibility For NBI Clearance Quick Renewal Service

The online quick renewal service is a convenient one. It saves you the stress of long queues and incessant waiting that you would experience if you were to physically visit an NBI branch.

However, the e-service is not available to everybody. To be eligible for the NBI online quick renewal service, you need to meet the following requirements

  • Have an old NBI clearance issued from 2016 upwards?
  • Have access to your previous NBI ID number.
  • Your NBI ID number must be present in the NBI database

If none of the above requirements apply to you, you would have to apply for a new NBI clearance registration.

Note: Meeting the first two requirements is not enough to guarantee that you can use this service. If you input your ID number correctly, yet you receive a popup message saying “This NBI ID number is invalid”, the last requirement does not apply to you as well.

You will have to go for a new NBI clearance application as the reason for invalid IDs is unknown.

How To Apply For An NBI Clearance Quick Renewal

If you are eligible for the NBI quick renewal service, you only need to follow some easy steps to successfully utilize it.

The steps for applying for an NBI clearance quick renewal are:

1, Visit The Official NBI Clearance Website

Most online NBI clearance transactions, it starts with a visit to their official website at

If you are using a mobile phone, scroll down and you will find a bright yellow box with the words “NBI clearance online renewal”. While on a laptop or computer, you will find the same box at the top right corner of your screen. Click on it and begin your NBI clearance quick renewal process.

2. Fill In The Required Details

The first form that will appear on your screen after selecting NBI clearance online quick renewal will require the following details:

  • Old NBI clearance ID number.
  • Phone number
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth

Fill the details in correctly and click “verify”.

3. Select Your Method Of NBI Clearance Collections

The next page will require you to fill in the delivery details – that is your address. Although, this is only applicable if you are opting for the door-to-door delivery service option.

You may also choose to pick up your NBI clearance document at any of the NBI regional or satellite offices.

4. Pay For Your NBI Clearance Renewal

You have the following payment options for this service:

  • Bayad center or mobile app
  • 7-Eleven
  • ECPay
  • Credit card payment with Visa or MasterCard.
  • GCash

If you opted for pick up you will only make payment for the renewal service. At the time of writing this article, the cost is P130 plus an

However, choosing the door-to-door delivery option will incur additional charges depending on your location. This is because of the cost of transporting your NBI clearance document to you.

5. Wait And Claim Your Renewed NBI Clearance

Congratulations! That is all it takes to get your NBI clearance renewal with the quick renewed service. All that remains is to wait for it to be delivered or to receive a message for pick up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  How Long Will It Take To Receive My NBI Clearance?

Typically, it takes about 3 – 7 days for locations within Metro Manila or Luzon while it takes 7 – 10 days for locations outside Metro Manila.

  • Must I Use The NBI’s Delivery Service?

No, you have the option of employing the services of a local courier service to pick up your renewed NBI clearance document.

  • Can I Use The NBI Clearance Quick Renewal Service Abroad?

You can use the service regardless of your location. Just note that it may take a longer time to receive your NBI clearance document since the NBI will have to ship it to you. That means you can not make use of the door-to-door service outside of the Philippines.


Follow this guide meticulously when using the NBI clearance quick renewal service and it will be a seamless process.

Also, let me know if you have any questions or contributions in the comment section.