Clearance.NBI.GOV.PH Registration

A lot of people are now aware of the seamless online process for NBI clearance registration. Just hearing that you won’t have to go through those long queues at the NBI clearance centers is enough relief.

It’s hard to mess up the online registration but a few things can go wrong. For that reason, this article will guide you on all the steps to achieving a successful registration.

This guide covers:

  1. How to register for NBI clearance on clearance.NBI.GOV.PH
  2. Visit the NBI clearance website.
  3. Enter your correct details.
  4. Book an online appointment.
  5. Pay for your NBI clearance services.
  6. Completing your registration at your preferred NBI branch.

How To Register For NBI Clearance On Clearance.NBI.GOV.PH

The major thing you need for this registration is your smartphone or laptop and a working internet connection.

Follow the steps in this article and you certainly won’t encounter mishaps during the NBI clearance registration process.

Visit The NBI Clearance website

Go to the NBI’s official website for clearance applications at Scroll to the “Register as a new account” box and fill in the required details.

Tick “No” for the question ”do you have an NBI clearance issued from 2014 to present?” Do this if you do not have an eligible old NBI clearance – that is you are registering for a new NBI clearance.

These are the fields you would fill out:

  • Gender
  • Civil status
  • Birth date
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Surname
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Password

After entering the necessary information, indicate that you have read and accepted the NBI’s terms of service and sign up. Enter the one-time password sent to your provided email and number then log in to your nearly created online NBI account.

Enter Your Correct Details

Next, you will receive a prompt to edit your details before submission. I suggest you are meticulous in doing this to avoid any mistakes.

Double check that all the information entered is correct then click on “Save Information”. After which you should click “Apply For Clearance” to kick start your NBI clearance application.

Book An Online Appointment

Select your preferred ID for submission at the NBI clearance center and pick two valid government-issued IDs to take along with you.

Next, pick an NBI clearance center to complete your application. Pick the center that is nearest and most convenient for you.

Then choose a date and time for your appointment, the website will show a list of dates and times available. Arrange the NBI schedule that works for you.

Pay For Your NBI Clearance Services

If you are not a first-time job seeker, you would have to pay a fee for your NBI clearance. Otherwise, you can avail of this payment per the REPUBLIC ACT No. 11261.(1)

There are a variety of payment options for NBI clearance available. Some of which are: bayad center, bank-over-the-counter, GCash, 7-eleven, etc.

When you tap on your preferred payment option, a reference number will pop up. Screenshot or write down this reference number as it would facilitate your payment and serve as identification at the NBI clearance center.

Once you have successfully made the payment, check that your transaction status has changed from pending to paid.

Now, all that’s left is to visit the NBI clearance center.

Completing Your Registration At Your Preferred NBI Branch

Unless you are living outside the Philippines, you would need to make a physical appearance to conclude your registration.

Always book an appointment online before heading to the NBI branch as you will not be attended to without one.

If for any reason, you could not meet up with the scheduled date and time the NBI gives an additional 15 days to finalize your application at an NBI clearance Center.

Follow these steps at the NBI clearance center:

1. Dress properly at the NBI clearance center and arrive well ahead of time.

2. Proceed to get your photo, fingerprint and signature captured. Confirm your details with the NBI staff and ask for corrections in the case of inaccurate data.

3. Claim your NBI clearance before you leave the office if you didn’t get a “hit”. However, if you experienced a hit, you would get your NBI clearance a few days later.


Getting registered for NBI clearance online is easier than ever. After reading this article, you can be sure of a stress-free registration.

Do you have any questions about the NBI clearance registration process? Drop it in the comment section and I would be happy to help.


  1. REPUBLIC ACT No. 11261, (2018, Jul 23). Congress of the Philippines